The, And Stand At The Curb With Self Assurance Essay

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They communicate in their own twang, and stand at the curb with self-assurance. You pass them every day as you walk by. When you pass, you stare straight ahead, they beam, but you do not notice the longing in their eyes. A yearning that is not sensual, more of an aching after the same rainbow lingering across the boarder. It is the first day of school for your children, but not for Sekaj and his sisters for their family is yet to find a permanent place to stay. Sekaj is the youngest and the tallest in the group, yet you would not want him as a friend for your children. His sangfroid would always make your stomach twinge with envy and you would never see his sufficiency as your poverty. If you should befriend him it would only to luap him, for suburban life is the only life you know.
You commute into his urban life only for employment commitments. You venture out of your sleepy hollow for entertainment and shopping. The high unemployment, the increasing crime rates, illegal drug, prostitution and illegal gangs are not your concerns. Still, Sekaj and his family were here before you pulled up in your BMW this morning. As you threw your keys to the parking attendant someone in the line takes his hands out of his pockets to check the time. Like Sekaj, they have been standing in line since 4:00 A.M waiting for the slumlord and the key for their new apartment.

The delivery guy passes them at 8:00 A.M with your breakfast and at 12:00 P.M with your lunch.…

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