The, And Soil Project, Or Replace It With A Program Essay

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I am writing to you after you have expressed some concerns as to deciding whether to replace the ‘Subjects of Interest List’, or SOIL project, or replace it with a program that will focus its resources on just high crime neighborhoods. After doing my research and thinking long and hard about it, I decided to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each idea and conclude with what I believe is best for Emerson. I also have based my decision after reflecting upon Pastastan and how I improved the crime rates with that city. There are many ways to approach crime that I have noticed that work for cities. Approaches such as increasing police numbers, having more rapid responses, the broken window approach, hot spots and punitive laws are many ways that crime can be approached by which may work for the City of Emerson.

To begin, I would like to outline the advantages that I have found regarding to the SOIL Project. As said by Police Chief Ward, “The SOIL list enables the police to focus on a small fraction of the people creating disorder in the city rather than unfairly and ineffectively blanketing whole neighborhoods.” I have learnt that the project helps focus police on arresting high profile offenders. Instead of having police officers respond to high crime neighborhoods only, they may not be responding to the most dangerous person out there. How I saw this was that, if you send most of your resources to only neighborhood that has had many minor crimes but there are a…

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