The And Society And Health Essay

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FCA and Society & Health Essay
Discuss experiences of health care and the factors that may influence patient satisfaction with reference to health inequalities.

The satisfaction of consumers with a particular product or service has become an important measure of quality in many areas of the public sector. Over the past decades the increased “consumerism” of health services has led to higher expectations, which in turn led to regular measurement of patients’ satisfaction with the care they received. It is believed that patients are the best to judge it, as they “literally feel it in their skin whether care is good or bad”. There is, however, a subjective nature to quantitative measures of satisfaction and results need to be assessed in a number of different ways.
Over time the surveys have identified the importance of healthy and equitable communication between doctor and patient for a positive health outcome . At the beginning of the 20the century the doctor-patient relationship was what we now describe as a paternalistic one, the doctor taking full control over the treatment and not educating the patent in any way. It is understandable how this can be the first approach when establishing a health care system, as the doctor has expert access to professional knowledge and is under considerable time pressure. As time went by it became clear that this approach was ignoring essential things: the fact that patients themselves have to offer expert knowledge about their symptoms…

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