The And Social Provision Scale Essay

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flyers around different cities. Then, participants completed a set of questionnaires, which included the SWLS, Beck Depression Inventory, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, and the Social Provision Scale, all modified to assess perceptions of Facebook support. Also, the motivation to use Facebook was tested on all participants by asking them to indicate the true purpose of them even logging in. Were they interested in keeping in touch with old friends, finding new friends, or obtaining new information? Phase two, participants were sent five text messages per day, each message containing a survey which asked participants to answer five questions using a slider scale. When the procedure for responding to these questions was explained, interacting with other people directly was defined as face-to-face or phone interactions. A researcher carefully walked participants through this protocol to ensure that they understood how to answer each question and fulfill the study requirements. Their analyses focused mainly on affect, because this affect question is the way affective well-being is typically understood. Phase three, the participants returned to the testing center to complete another set of questionnaires and recorded all information during this session from participants’ Facebook accounts.

Researchers performed lagged analyses on experience sample data to understand the timing of participants’ naturally occurring behaviors and psychological states. “These multiple analyses…

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