The And Social Problems Of America Essay

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Exceptionalism stated simply is a sense of specialness and entitlement attached to those who say they are in fact exceptional without substantiating evidence to support their claim. It is a sense of earned rights that are of course unearned privileges. Exceptionalism without a doubt is a source of many of today’s social problems. It contributes to and actively creates social issues in the world and is fostered most greatly by none other than the United States. For centuries we have proclaimed our superiority as being biological or being tied to class, religion and even culture (Freeman, 36). America has a long track record for itself as the producer and perpetuator of social problems and no other country embodies an inflated sense of exceptionalism than the great U.S. of A. Now, this is not to say that America is the source of every problem in the world, but it is to say that we are shamelessly self proclaimed frontrunners of the world, the city on the hill, an example to all. And yet, we seem to only be leaders in desecrating “developing” (by our standards) countries for profit and justifying it through saying that we earned it because we’re special of course. Exceptionalism may not be a social issue itself, but its various manifestation in society certainly are.
A social issue stemming from exceptionalism is the United States’ sense of permanent militarization. America has become so obsessed with the idea of impending threats and the need for personal security that the NRA…

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