The And Social Growth Of Women Essay

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Despite the economic and social growth of women within the society of the 19th century, the male figure still reigned above all as it were in the 17th and 18th century prior. This was the era of the feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a time when once married the wife became the husband’s property and catered to his every need, maintained the home and the children. Men had the majority of the economic power, which women lacked and with that men made all the rules. Men in society held important posts such as judges, doctors, political positions that can all impact lives for better or worse. Women today still carry a stigma in pursuing and acquiring such positions. Wives had become vulnerable and their lives could be totally controlled by their husbands. For many, this resulted in loss of identity. Marriage could simply equal a gentler kind of slavery. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Gilman was based on her experience and what she encountered in regards to her health care treatment and what what other women faced in her era.
Marriage seemed to take away a woman’s independence, her self expression and her imagination. Marriage impacted a woman’s interaction with the outside world and which inherently stifled their individual progress. “I tried to have an earnest talk with him the other day…But he said I wasn’t able to go” (11). “I told him I was not gaining here,” (12) However she did not have the power to make the decision and leave. Before marriage, Gilman was as independent and…

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