The And Preservation Of Relationships College Students Essay

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Relationships are one of the most important factors of one’s college education and experience. Examples of relationships that are formed in college include those with instructors, family members, romantic partners, and the relationship with other students and roommates. Forming strong connections with others can really improve one’s college experience both academically and socially. Both in the classroom and outside the academic environment, strong and positive relationships offer benefits such as guidance, support, assistance with academics and the option to ask and receive help when needed. The emergence and preservation of relationships college students form are significant to shaping a positive and beneficial college experience.
One of the most important relationships that develop in one’s college experience is with college instructors. In order to have a good foundation for a strong relationship, both the student and instructor have to show respect for one another; and “avoid behaviors that show a lack of respect for both the instructor and other students” (Gardner, Barefoot). Ways that the instructors should show respect towards their students are to grade their work fairly, be able to provide clear and helpful feedback, be easy to communicate with, and be organized, well prepared, and passionate about their lectures instead of being monotone. On the other hand, students should show respect to their instructors by going to class or any scheduled appointments on time,…

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