The And Outer Rim By Junot Diaz And Toiya Finley Essay

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CLEITHROPHOBIA; the fear of being trapped or locked in an enclosed space.
The world has numerous patterns that have been behaving in cycles for the lifespan of the Earth itself. However, the affect that humans and our activities on Earth have had on these cycles has been detrimental. The long-lasting cycles are now varying wildly and causing many things to be unpredictable. The warming and cooling cycles have been thrown off by an array of factors like CO2 concentration, loss of arctic ice sheets, and the use of resources like fossil fuels, trees, and water. Authors Junot Diaz and Toiya Finley are very cognizant of these arising issues and have both penned numerous futuristic tales that outline some of the reasonable consequences that could potentially unravel. Two specific stories are “Monstro” and “Outer Rim”, written by Diaz and Finley, respectively. The stories display skepticism on what could happen in different parts of the world with the changes in the world. The authors embody the different sorts of responses humans would have in the case of a pandemic that affects millions. The short stories, while incorporating a deep sense of entrapment, whether it be through physical ends like land and buildings, by mental means, by disease, or by socio-economic statuses, develop a dark mood of hopelessness and fear.
The authors create the mood by using settings and scenarios that are realistic and pertinent, along with sensory examples to strengthen the severity of their…

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