The And Offline Communities : A Part Of Distinctively Influenced Who I Am Today

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Letting Go
Both the online and offline communities I have been a part of distinctively influenced who I am today. At a certain time, each community played an important role in my life; however, I noticed that some communities were more personal, while others focused more on achieving a specific goal. When my goal changed, the community itself became entirely less important. Although it was difficult to realize this at first, I learned to let go and adapt to the circumstances I found myself in. I continue to keep other communities in my life based on my current goals and values.
I truly believe that every community is necessary for personal growth; however, I think it is important to let go of the communities that are no longer benefiting you so that you can allow yourself to move on to something better. When I left Indiana University, I noticed that my community, oPRaba, became less important to me, simply because the whole group was focused on a goal that was no longer relevant to me: the Indiana University Dance Marathon.
In contrast, the online community I am a part of, the group chat with my friends in Australia, continues to be relevant. Although I am not physically there, my friends still offer me emotional support, comfort and happiness. There is no goal. There are only shared values. I suppose when our values change, so will the community. I will have to decide whether or not to keep it in my life, but for now, it continues to play a huge role.
My online community…

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