The And Of The World Essay example

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There are approximately 2.01 billion Christians in the world, all professing to carry the name Christian, follower of Jesus. But how many out of that great number sincerely desire to know Him better every day, think of Him as their very Best Friend, and surrender their lives to Him out of a loving and trusting ongoing, personal relationship with Him?
He was a young guy, but had been married a couple years to this “Christian” girl. They both attended church every week, but neither had a personal relationship with Jesus. He soon found himself falling for another woman, a “non-Christian” woman. He then proceeded to begin living with this woman; his feelings had just grown too strong. He was still married, but he loved this other woman. But one day, guilt came over him and he went to church to talk to his pastor. “Pastor, I need to talk to you. I’m married, but I’m living with another woman. I want to be more sincere.”
“Well,” the pastor said, “your problem isn’t that you’re not sincere. It’s that you don’t know Jesus.”
“Alright. So I should tell her to leave!”
“No, no, that’s not what I said.”
“What? Okay, I don’t think you understand. I’m living with this woman. We sleep in the same bed. I’m still married.”
“I know. I fully understood that. Go back to the woman you’re living with and tell her what you’ve learned about Jesus, how you’re going to spend time getting to know Him every day.”
“Well, okay.” And that what was what he did. That night, from the door of the married man…

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