The And Of The World Essay

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Have you ever cared so much about someone and all they did was hurt you in the end ? Well i experinced that for 7 months , and his name is James Abney. We met while I was living in South Africa and he was in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He followed me on instagram liked some of my pictures didnt pay him any mind until he had messaged me , being all sweet. We had talked over instagram for awhile than he gave me his number and we began texting and calling each other alot. It became a routine for me to text him when i woke up , i was seven hours ahead of him so while i was sleeping he was awake. It was hard to text all the time but we made it work , and than had began to call each other thats when the falling started. We had met on the internet and I was hassant that he was not who he said he was. So therefore I made sure we had facetimed , and snapchat which are both apps that include the real face of a person. The first time we had facetime , I was very excited and happy that i saw the person behind every picture he had sent me. Seeing his face, made me fall a little. He 's 5 '6, lightskin but thinks white , brown eyes that glow like no others , he 's skinny but is fit got them musclues. As time went on as we began to really get to know each other on a personal level. Learned about each other rough past and how we had to grow up fast , and also what we both had planned for our future. We learned so much about each other and gained alot of respect for each other knowing what…

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