The And Of The Ottoman Empire Essay

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By the time Venetian Commander Pietro Mocenigo reached Greece, the Ottoman Turks had greatly expanded in the eastern Mediterranean and were threatening Venetian interests in the region. This was a true clash of opposites; the Venetians were a Christian, seafaring people and the Ottomans, conversely, were Muslims who preferred to travel and fight by land. The only thing these two empires seemed to have in common was their penchant for trading, a similarity that became one of the prime ingredients that led them to war. The Venetians (and no doubt the Ottomans) used religion as a justification for conquest of territory and capture of goods and people for material gain. To lead a civilization into war requires strong instigating factors, and although land and wealth are fantastic secular motivators, it is often religion that triumphs as the supreme cover-up for war. This clash between the Venetians and the Ottomans was no different, and before addressing the true reasons behind this war (territory and money) it is important to point out the scapegoat that was used. Throughout the novel, The Deeds of Commander Pietro Mocenigo written by Coriolano Cippico, the Ottomans are referred to more often as infidels or barbarians because of their religion than by their namesake. One example of this is when Cippico is writing about the Venetians and Ottomans discussing a possible ceasefire. He writes, “the fear was that the barbarian enemy, thus offended, would harm the noble and innocent…

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