The And Of The Messiah Essay

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the future. Research these matters. I am attempting to help instill true faith in those who do not believe. The intrinsic value of the Messiah’s reconciliation is far above anything you can imagine, or even comprehend. The immersion of His Holy Spirit is an angle that foils humanism, provides tangible proof, and cements the faith of the Son of God in a Believer’s life. Here are more Old Testament scriptures; some also confirms the Resurrection of Christ. He is speaking through the prophets regarding future events, as if he was viewing the occurrence; an attribute and evidence of the Omnipresent God.
Proverbs 30:2 - 6 mentions the Holy One, the Lord Jesus Christ’s descent to earth (born on earth as human), and His ascension which occurred three days post crucifixion. All scriptures regarding the Messiah in the Old Testament were written before Christ was born. History proves this and science confirms it. Other religions continue to look for a messiah. Christ came and fulfilled the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Messianic “Pre-Return” prophecies. Some people know this for fact. Some people cannot fathom the reality of the spirit realm. In Isaiah 53, the Father confirms that Jesus is the Christ. The majority of the House of Israel has dismissed Jesus (transliterated as Yeshua) as being the Messiah for over two thousand years. In Isaiah 53, The Father informs us that the Suffering Servant (Jesus) was chastised for your peace. He is the provision provided for Abraham in…

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