The And Of The Earth Essay

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Welcome to Earth, in Earth, we do weird things such as date. Dating is a male and female going out together. They go out for a meal. This is a very popular activity among teenagers and young adults. So do you want to go out on a date? Whether or not you are just here to live or to take over the planet from the inside, you will need to know how to do some of these daily actions to gain our trust. (Most of this information is only applicable to the humanoid figure.)

One of the easiest steps to accomplish is one that will confuse many an alien, a smile. Nearly all species on Earth view the bearing of teeth as a show of aggression or a threat. We as humans sometimes do this as well, but it is mostly kept for a sign of greeting or friendship. Now you might be wondering why we as humans chose such a strange custom to display our camaraderie; well there is no given reason for this action, that we have found. Maybe because we have no tail to wave behind us, but whatever the case it is proven that every human smiles when they are happy. (Even the blind). So bare those pearly incisors, or fangs, molars, or canines. (If you have a different type of tooth please contact our nearest publishing unit.) You have mastered this technique to conversing with a female human. You can start preparing for a date! First the meal. Where are you going? The best thing you can do is to ask them where they want to go. Once you figure out where you are going, you then call the restaurant to make a…

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