Essay on The And Of The Bible

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Keiana Quallo

In life we sometimes wonder why we do certain things? Why do we hold certain values and principles higher than others? who made up all the rules for life? If you are from a Christian household you are governed by the 66 books of the bible that you are to obey and never question. If you question anything in the bible, you are questioning God, the Alpha and the Omega. You are taught the ten commandments and anyone who disobeys any of the ten commandments are displeasing God and will be punished. ___NEED INTRO___Nietzsche came along with a different thought process of his predecessors. Walter Kaufmann writes that “Nietzsche revolutionized ethics by asking new questions. As he saw it, his predecessors had simply taken for granted that they knew what was good and what was evil. Moral judgements had simply been accepted as incontrovertible facts and the philosophers had considered it their task to find reasons for them.”
Nietzsche believed that we should questions these ethics. He wasn’t saying that they were wrong but that they were questionable. Nietzsche genealogy (family tree) of morals started from the origins of morals, the Greeks to the 19th century. From the earliest greek warriors to Athenian philosophers such as Socrates and Plato, he found two common traits prevalent that he classified as the master morality and the slave morality. “Master morality is a morality of self-assertion (best understood as creativity, not physical strength) and…

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