Essay about The And Of The Bible

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Another group whose criticism seems to receive a criticism as harsh as the Karaites seems to be the Christians, whom Maimonides voices his discontent towards several times through his work. Perhaps even less forgiving with Christians, when speaking of Jesus of Nazareth the Rambam attempts to severe Jesus from the Jewish lineage, claiming that he is a Jew of virtue of his birth, and this alone, and casts him out for his false prophesying. Maimonides states that the coming of Jesus as Moshiach was in fact, not prophesied by Isaiah, but rather was noted by Daniel as a false messiah who would try to lead those of the House of Israel astray. He cites the Daniel verse “The children of the impudent among your people shall make bold to claim prophecy, but they shall fall”, places Jesus in the trajectory of a series of false messiahs that spring from within the Jewish people. Similarly, Nachmanides, a successor and in many ways opponent of Rambam’s tradition, staged a similar argument against Friar Pablo Christiani, a Jewish convert to Christianity, during the famous Dispute of Barcelona. With the Christians arguing that the scripture and prophecy of Isaiah presumed the coming of Christ as Messiah, Nachmanides retorts that this is sheerly a misunderstanding, citing that in the book of Isaiah, God constantly refers to the “people of Israel” or the “House of Jacob”. This argument would attempt to prove that the global Christian church were not chosen to be the cavyat for the…

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