Essay on The And Of Leadership Development

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There are many different C’s of leadership. These articles all reference different terms that are essential for leadership. Each article also takes a different approach to leadership. The articles are all correct even though they have different ideas. The first “C” of leadership is competence. Forbes defines competence as “what you know” (Walter, Ekaterina). Knowledge and former experience are what gives a person competence. Understanding where your competence starts and stops is key to great leadership. Continuing to learn and have new experiences is important to increase one’s competence. No one understands everything so it’s important to have strong partnerships and collaborations (Walter, Ekaterina). Columbia defines competence as “effectiveness enhanced by reflection and synthesis; in other words, we believe that such contemplation is the primary pathway by which leaders improve their effectiveness” ("The 4Cs of Leadership Development"). Since many leaders learn just as much from their failures as they do their successes, competence is more than just goal completion. Columbia installs competence through capstone programming and applied learning experiences ("The 4Cs of Leadership Development"). According to Johnson Cornell University, competence is the foundation of leadership. Some leadership competencies are general and can be used anywhere. Other competencies are industry specific (Rizzo, Jerome). The problem with competence is that many people do not continue…

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