Essay on The And Of Afric Modern Man And A Land Rich

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The content of Africa the birth place of modern man and a land rich in natural resources such as diamonds, oil and other high sought after goods in the global market place. The question that is begged to be asked is how a place with so many resources can be poor and under developed in a lot of places. The answer lies on two root causes in Africa violent and turbulent history. The first is as old as Africa itself and that is tribalism in what the populations are divided into separate tribes that are in a similar area. This is a current problem today in a lot of African tribes that its borders include more than one tribe or ethnic group today who are struggling for power. This was a root problem in the Angolan civil war in which to different groups were fighting for power in Angola. The other issue is in the 1800s Africa was divided up among the European powers for their resources who in turn made their borders with no or little consideration to the native African populations. The Angolan civil was lasted from 1975-2002, The conflict only ending at the death of UNITA leader Jonas Svambi. Another major issue in the Angolan civil war is the fact it was a proxy war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Another major cause that lead to the civil war was diamonds. Angola suffers from a resource curse which leads it to being a colony more than an independent country. This curse would lead to more foreign intervention for these resources in the coming civil. When…

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