The And Non White Student Essay

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Including Everyone Being a minority in America come with many disadvantages socially and economically. Though when people think of the hardship minorities’ face many do not think the feeling of disconnect to a majority of marginalized groups feel towards their school community as a problem. Both white and non-white student can feel disconnected to their schools, but the lack of ties minorities experience stems from the lack of effort on schools to make their students feel included. In schools, students feel as if only white European culture is normal and important, which leaves anyone from non-dominate cultures with nothing but invalidation. School are becoming more diversified but little is being done to accommodate these new faces. Though there are some teacher who have proven that leaving no children out is possible as long as the teacher truly wants to make a difference.
Bringing Globalization Home When teaching her class about globalization, the battle for power over Earth resources, human resources, and capital resources, Jody Sokolower wanted to focus on the topic of migration. Migration is just one of the eight elements that made up globalization, but she thought migration would be important to discuss first because in the economic class she was teaching all the students were immigrants who were also English language learners (ELLS). Sokolower was making the effort to make what she was teaching relevant to her students. Though there were some obstacles that she…

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