The And Non Verbal Communication Skills Essay

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There are areas of development I have come to identify and recognize in myself with the help of my peers and professors. First, communication pattern: “means frequency and quality of the actual ways each group member connects with other group members” (McKinlay & Ross, 2008, p. 35). I need to attain more verbal and non-verbal communication skills, such as learning to give my full physical attention to people. Another area I need to develop more of is my organizational skills; it is important to have good time management skills together with well-developed multitasking, and great attention to detail and follow through when facilitating because this would be of a great assistant to my group members. Based on the dynamic of my group, I identified that we are at the second stage of group development, which is known as storming: this is a stage in which “group members become clear about why it is they are together and how they will proceed” (McKinlay & Ross, 2008, p. 57). It is important to recognize the group’s stage of development, as it would help each member of the group to be socially aware of the climatic condition and context of the group in order to work collaboratively and cohesively, and to achieve a common goal. During the group discussion, as a group we identified that we need a timeline, and to set norms regarding the rules and expectations that is required from each individual; this would help structure the group’s work in a more flexible and friendly manner. As a…

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