The And Non Nightmare Room Creation Essay

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Production Journal

Week 2 – This was our first week so we just established the groups. I am in the Lucy’s room interior group and we have chosen to both nightmare and non-nightmare room creation. There is seven of us in the group and Ben has chosen to be the group leader. Next week we will decided on what assets each person is doing so first we need to make an asset list which we started doing in class. I’m thinking I want to model the clock because I haven’t done anything like it before and I think I will be a good learning curve for me.
Week 3 - This week we received the planning documents and began to organise our pipeline. Ben had already written some of the asset list so we copied that into the new document and fleshed out any assets we had forgotten. Once that was done we identified who was skilled in certain areas that way we could distribute the assets accordingly. I’m going to be doing the toys and the clock both the nightmare and normal version. I also said I was happy to help other people with the unwrapping and texturing. After the class I began modelling the normal clock proxy. This is the proxy I made for the clock. I kept it really simple so I may need to make it a little more complex depending on what the rest of the team presents. I used the concept art to help me with the shape. Using the proxy, I began modelling the final version. The picture on the left is main frame of the clock and on the right I when I added more detail. Again this may need…

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