The And Negative Connotations Of The Juvenile Justice System Essay

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Intro: There is much criticism and negative connotations that currently exist within our society in regards to the juvenile justice system (Pierpoint, 2000; White, 2002; Garfinkel, 2010), and most critics’ opinions have originated from the plethora of different individuals and agencies whom become involved in a delinquent’s life at any given time once they enter into the juvenile system (Pierpoint, 2000; White, 2002; Garfinkel, 2010). As many scholars have discovered over the course of their research, biological parents have a highly pronounced role in their child’s development starting from their birth and throughout the course of their lifetime (Baer & Maschi, 2003; Church II, MacNeil, Martin, & Nelson-Gardell, 2009; Fletcher, Steinberg, & Williams-Wheeler, 2004; Garfinkel, 2010; Juvenile Justice Network, 2015; Maschi, Schwalbe, & Ristow, 2013; Vandevivere, Braet, Bosmans, Mueller, & De Raedt, 2014; Varma, 2007; Whelan, 2003; Williams, & Smalls, 2015).
As the number of contacts and referrals made within a standard juvenile case continues to be on the rise with new services and referrals constantly becoming available (Pierpont, 2000; White, 2002; Garfinkel, 2010), a distinct disconnection between the juvenile delinquents and their biological parents is becoming much more noticeable to the general population (Gatti, Tremblay, & Vitaro, 2009; Gauthier, Fortin, & Jéliu, 2004; Taylor & McQuillan, 2014; Whelan, 2003). This apparent separation is correlated with society’s…

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