The And National Aeronautics And Space Administration Essay

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Introduction Mars colonization is a topic that has been brought to the attention of the media and of the public in recent years by aspirations made by companies such as SpaceX and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Several factors make it a topic worth discussing about, like concerns regarding the continuity of the human species and economical, technological and scientific worth of that endeavor. In this way, markets will suffer significant impacts once humans strive to and succeed in becoming multi-planetary. This paper seeks to analyze these changes in the economic structure of human society. This analysis will be made by taking into consideration three separate moments in the process of humans becoming a multi-planetary species. The first of these moments is referred to as the preparation, which refers to the period before the first humans arrive on Mars. The second is the settlement, which contains the period between the arrival of the first human on Mars and the point where Mars becomes an Auto-sustainable civilization, i.e. it would continue operating normally even if all contact with Earth ceased. The final moment is auto-sustainability, composed of all the years after the colony reaches an auto-sustainable point as described previously. Even though a political and legal analysis of the operation of the new colony is an important topic itself, the paper will restrain the discussion to an economical level, emphasizing effects on markets and…

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