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Fix the Syllabus!
The syllabus is already very well rounded and covers a very large range of topics that I already knew about which represented the beginnings of Modern American English. The number of works in the textbook is astounding and had to have been difficult to choose from, but there can be some slight changes to rid the course of some redundancy in the required readings and class discussions. Throughout the readings for the course we discussed a lot of Naturalism, these stories took up a very large portion of class time, all of which followed the same theme of survival. To get rid of this redundancy I propose getting rid of “To Build a Fire” by Jack London, due its lack of qualities that set it apart from the other naturalism stories, and to replace it with “Editha” by William Howells because both stories contain similar qualities such as ignorance, wishful thinking, and dire consequences. This change should decrease the number of humanistic survival stories and replace it with a story from a view that is not talked about in the current iteration of the syllabus.
To Build a Fire was a story of survival that went wrong quickly, it started out with an inexperienced man traveling across the Yukon against the advice of the more experienced elders. The man starts his journey already knowing how cold it is and the dangers of this extreme of temperatures, but in his ignorance and lack of knowledge he decides to continue his journey. This decision was obviously a fatal…

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