The And Mad Max : Fury Road Essay

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Gender roles successfully create a divide that states what acts are socially acceptable for men and women to perform. Women are expected to aid men without adapting their roles. However, society is challenging this norm and highlighting this challenge through the means of cinema. In the films Sicario and Mad Max: Fury Road, the androgynous women stand in contrast to the patronized women by the leadership roles they fulfill and their rugged appearance. There are women who occupy the both roles and are depicted in both films. Their purpose is to communicate that the structure of modern society and families is currently undergoing a change in where women can stretch beyond their typical gender role, but not without society doubting their capability to do so successfully.
To begin with, Sicario follows the female protagonist Kate on her journey to Mexico on a mission to bring down a drug cartel and avenge her fallen squadron members. Kate embodies the androgynous woman throughout the film, for the most part. Bennion-Nixon asserts that a warrior woman is one that is recognizably woman, even maternal, with a capacity for leadership and weaponry just as good as a man (292). Kate is portrayed as a warrior woman in the beginning of the film, where it is brought to the viewers’ attention that not only is she the only woman in her squadron, but she is also the team leader. A group of men are under the supervision of Kate and must follow her directives. This is interesting to see…

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