Essay on The And Literature

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Stranger than Nonfiction Many have a thirst for knowledge, and some would even say that it is a defining human trait. However, our means of obtaining knowledge and what we classify as knowledge seems to be in a state of eternal dismay. In “Reading Imaginative Literature,” Mike Myers claims that literature is a much more insightful way of learning opposed to simple fact reading. I argue the contrary and suggest that literature is not only an inferior way to obtaining true knowledge, but it also serves as an obstacle. However, it is only an obstacle to those that cannot separate knowledge from art. When this is done, I believe that literature serves a separate but equal purpose to humanity. Initially, I would like to point to the figures in our society who are identified as the holders of true knowledge (facts), the scientist. Scientists are the most frequently looked to for their knowledge of the world and tend to choose to disclose the knowledge that they obtain through nonfictional writing. It would be ridiculous to suggest that they would be better off writing a story about a space panda to provide information on the effects of ph on DNA ligase. In addition, scientists obtain their knowledge through nonfictional works and interactions in real world experiences. They even call these experiences “experiments.” This is also contrary to what Myer writes, which implies that people who read literature somehow experience more life. However, in actuality, literature is only…

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