Essay about The And Lemons, Dust

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Similar to Oranges and Lemons, dust plays a major role in 1984. Dust represents the world and a sort of protector to Winston at first, but later turns into the government watching over him. This evolution contributes to the development of the story. The Victory Mansions of 1984 are mentioned with dust first: “Winston […] slipped quickly through the glass doors of Victory Mansions, though not quickly enough to prevent a swirl of gritty dust from entering along with him” (1). Although the dust here is not yet the government to Winston, it can represent the fact that the government follows the citizens of Oceania everywhere, leading to a complication of always being watched. The dust now is just the gross world, showing how unkempt and dirty it is. Continuing the world description, it is noted that “down in the street little eddies of wind were whirling dust […] there seemed to be no color in anything, except the posters that were plastered everywhere” (12). The dusty atmosphere of the world and the fact that the Big Brother posters are the only light adds to the sad state of the world. Even the houses of the world are covered in dust from bombs by the government. Dust follows the people too: “One had the impression that there was dust in the creases of her face” (18). Winston notes that Mrs. Parsons looks as if she has dust in her face. Her dust adds to her character in which she is bland and follows, or is led by, the government without a question. Continuing on Mrs.…

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