The And Lack Of Empathy Essay

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As the title suggests, the primary emotion of A Look Back in Anger is anger. From their interpersonal relationships, to their life circumstances, anger is the default emotional response of the characters in this play. On a surface level, we can see these motivations as damaged and contrived, this anger is a natural progression of not only Jimmy’s psyche, but the natural response of a deep rooted oppression. Let’s analyze this anger. First, as a response to social circumstance, the productivity of his anger, before finally analyzing a multi-faceted view of anger. As far as Jimmy goes, there are many parts of his personality that are un-defendable. His abusiveness and lack of empathy can be seen as unforgivable, but justified. Jimmy has lived a rough life, watching his father die has left him with an undeniable rage and a warped view of reality. “You see, I learnt at an early age what it was to be angry-angry and helpless-and I can never forget that. I knew about love, betrayal and death when I was ten years old, and I can never forget that”. Had Jimmy truly endured a lifetime of pain at just 10 years old? Yes, and no. At his young age, Jimmy had no way to metabolize his feelings. The death of his father on its own didn’t shape Jimmy into the man he is today. The lack of support from his family and outside world drove him to anger. Jimmy couldn’t respond with grief because of his mother, with his low social status and lifestyle, kindness wasn’t something he could afford.…

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