The And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Since producers won’t be able to make food, the consumers won’t be able to eat, and then decomposers won’t have anything to decompose and break down. The cycling in the ecosystems will eventually not happen so the ecosystem will fall apart.

Other trees that have already grown are blocking the sunlight from reaching the sprouts. In other words many sprouts are competing for the sparse amount of sunlight. The sprouts may also be competing for water and other ingredients necessary to grow. Since their is a competition for the available resources only a few will actually mature into adult trees.

Most of the fish would be predators. This is because of the lack of sunlight which is needed for plants to grow.

The organisms/animals that first handedly consume the pesticides are animals that eat plants since the pesticides are sprayed on the plants. If we follow the food chain, the bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and ospreys, whom are all carnivores and consumers, will eventually eat the animals who are herbivores. The carnivores are dying because the pesticides are inside the animals they eat. Small songbirds, however, don’t eat herbivores so they never consume the pesticides. Instead, they eat things such as berries, seeds, nectar, and fruit.

In the community they are hunting/gathering from their are other animals that also do the same thing as they do. If these hunting/gathering societies started to grow, they have the capability to take over and use up all of the…

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