The And Its Effects On The Central Nervous System Essay

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The brain consists of many neurons which are the main nerves cells of the central nervous system. Theses cells have gap junctions that release chemical neurotransmitters that functions as messengers and help neurons communicate with one another. Today, researchers along with scientists have been designing a headgear that will change the way medication is administered in the future. This headgear referred to as tDCS, also known as Transcranial direct-current stimulation, is said to be “noninvasive, inexpensive, user-friendly and portable” (Bikson & Toshev, 2014). Rather than the conventional way of taking medication by pill the tDCS delivers through transmitting electrodes. Patients with brain disorders will be able to receive medication directly to their brain in just a couple of minutes. The tDCS does not only propose a remedy for people who have brain disorders but it also promises improvements in cognitive skills. One experiment with U.S. Air Force recruits showed positive results with those who were under the influence of tDCS and performed better than those in the control group in an administered attention test. This miracle headgear is also said to enhance certain areas of the brain or change habits. Although this helmet sounds promising it does not completely cure any disease, instead it provides instant relief of change to the brain. I think that it is an innovative way of administering medicine however, that is all it is for now, a creative treatment. Yes, it…

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