Essay on The And Its Effects On The Body

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1. The first vital principle is; Undoing the Body. Undoing the Body talks about “relaxation”, and cleaning the body of the past. The tensions held from the past are held inside the joints and muscles, and over time the body accumulates the emotional and physical stress that is stored inside the joints. When the body does store negative energy over time, many people do not realize the feeling of tension. If wanting to get rid of this tension, you would want to start in whatever position you feel most relaxed in, and let your muscles relax while you still maintain integrity. When relaxing there is steps to maintain such as becoming aware of the tensions in the muscles. Undoing the Body talks about approaching tensions, which is also considered to be “undoing”. Undoing the Body also talks about the skin, and how it tends to be a “defensive barrier”. When undoing, your skin is suppose to unwind being the defensive barrier, and become transparent so that the body becomes vulnerable to the outside world again. It’s also known as “taking the skin away”.
2. The second vital principle is; Undoing the Mind. Undoing the Mind talks about “emptying the mind”, so that the mind is clean of anything from the past, and throughout the everyday life. The mind supposively needs to undo itself. For the body to function, emotions and memories are necessary for the body to live and function on the daily life. Different things can be brought to the surface, such as thoughts, emotions and memories.…

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