The And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Often providing vital information initially hidden from the public, whistleblowers have the ability to greatly affect the way that society functions. Although the insider facts released can benefit the population, the informants are frequently persecuted. When whistleblowers such as Daniel Ellsberg and WikiLeaks informants release new information, the government work with the media to reprimand the actions that were taken. This is to prevent people from losing trust in the strong sociological agents that keep society conforming, but in reality, the information shared by these people usually benefit the average person. These benefits come with a price, as when anyone from world leaders to small business owners are put under strain, the people causing that strain will be targeted. If whistleblowers are targeted by governing systems afraid of losing their power, it discourages many from seeking the truth. The powers that have control over communities are afraid of losing dominion, and consequently, revolt from these communities. This holds a basis in Karl Marx’s conflict theory. If the leaders lose control and an equal basis is achieved, there is a fear of anomie and the fall of functioning society.

Whistleblowers have the ability to disclose vital information which society can use to their advantage. The information received can help them to make decisions about anything from where to shop to who to vote for in a democratic election. The latter is one of the largest…

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