The And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

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We live in the most medically advanced society in the 21st century, the types of medical knowledge and the ability to create medicine that can able to keep the average lifespan of human goes beyond the expectation compares to the average expectancy of human from the past few decades. Living past 100 is one of the goals that can be archive in today society. With the increase of our lifespan and the many improvement of our living lifestyles can bring many positive effect in our individual lives. This can benifits your decision because of the extension we have on time, therefore it can give us more time to choose and decide on the thing that you want in life. Decisions such as spending more time on your hobby and the time to appreciate your surroundings, can reduces the stress of the individual and in turn can create happiness. And with a happy individual can positively affect your surrounding area or the society. But the question we need to ask when it can affect the society as a whole, what is the negative effect and the unmoral potential it can cause, as we keep on advancing the different method to create medicine. Many questions about the moral ethics and human nature are part of the main theme when concerning the topic of stem cells in Paul Lauritzen’s essay, “Stem Cells, Biotechnology, and Human Rights.”. In it he explain “ To get a sense of what kinds arises when we considered changing the contours of human existence, considered the notion that there is a…

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