The And Implementation Of Web Essay

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With traditional media outlets dealing with the incoherent nature of audiences and the defiant threat of revenue decline, new organisations have stepped-up taking advantage of this shifting media landscape (Ellingsen 2014 pp.106). As companies such as Netflix, YouTube and other online broadcasters instigate adamant change in the way programming is created, consumed and distributed. This process, as stated by Media professor Chuck Byron, is “Broadly discussed as the on-demand culture” (Ellingsen 2014 pp.106). Hence with these digital platforms taking the role of a television studio, independent creators see this online focus as flexible and filled with endless possibilities for the release and funding of their works.
Unique to this ideal is the creation and implementation of web series in modern media. As depicted by Jessica Alice web series are still regarded as a rather new medium. However, it’s the platforms unique factor of being unbound to the often obligatory focus on producing revenue that enhances a producer’s ability to take risk’s, allowing particular emphasis on the empowerment of minorities (Alice 2016 pp.58). One would assume this minority focus acts as an attempt to reach audiences often overlooked and underrepresented by Australian television such as the LQBTQIA community and people of colour. Australian examples of these series being the likes of ‘How to talk Australians’ which focuses on the learning process of Indian college students regarding the…

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