The And How They Were Depicted During World War 2 Essay

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Good morning/afternoon everyone, thank you for inviting me to this lovely multicultural festival, it’s a great honour to be speaking to all of you today. As you can see behind me, I’m going to try and clear up some misunderstandings in regards to Japan and how they were depicted during World War 2. You might be asking like “oh, why would she be teaching us about how they were misunderstood in WW2? Why not teach us about how they are now, in modern times?” And very good question! Thanks for asking! It’s because the portrayal of Japanese culture through texts at that time influenced a whole generation of Australians into forming cultural misunderstandings about Japan that still linger today. Australia was not the only country that was brought to these misunderstandings though, as many countries that were affected by the atrocities of the Japanese army still hold grudges towards them. One inauthentic representation that I will show you is actually a set of American propaganda, in the form of political cartoons; and you’ll be shocked to find out the mastermind behind them! As for an authentic text depiction of Japan during World War 2 to contrast this with, I found a text called “Leaves from an Autumn of Emergencies”. Inside this book are the translated diary entries of 8 Japanese citizens on the home front during World War 2, and they gave good insight to the culture of Japan at the time.
Since World War 2 can be a difficult and emotional topic, I’m not going to talk about the…

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