The And Hard Determinism Is A Theory Where Humans Do Not Have A Legitimate Free Will

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Victor Odili
Philosophy 1301
Jeff Glick
October 16, 2016
Compatibilism and Hard Determinism In his work, Holbach explains Hard Determinism as a theory where humans do not have a legitimate free will. Hard Determinism conveys the idea that we are fully determined, we do not have free will, and that no one is morally responsible for their actions. As stated by Hard Determinism, the activities of man are never free, but the received ideas which are planned to make others fulfill their desires ("Notes on Determinism and Indeterminism," n.d.). For a man to be free, he should not encounter any restrictions or obstacles. According to Holbach Men are not free agents in any one instant of their life; they are necessarily guided at every step by advantages, whether real or fictitious, that they attach to the objects that trigger their passions. These desires themselves are necessary for a being to tend towards his happiness unceasingly. The proposition explains that man is not free, but controlled by these rules and other factors like emotions which people have given to increase their passion towards happiness. Based on Hard Determinism, man always finds his intention of being free out of his control or power. For example, a person should be obligated to brush his teeth. In this respect, the society demands that one has to keep a clean mouth to be acceptable. If the man does not brush the teeth, he would not only be admonished by the community but would also suffer pain…

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