The And Formal And Informal Accommodations For Students Essay

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Accommodations Accommodations may be defined as changing how a student learns academic material while being held to the same expectations as their peers (Strom, 2013). Moreover, accommodations may include changes in classroom instruction, classroom tests, standardized tests, and elective classes (Strom, 2013). In the documentary Misunderstood Minds, Nathan received accommodations during the standardized test which allowed him to dictate his answers instead of writing them. As a result, Nathan received the highest score possible on the test and was granted the opportunity to return to the mainstream classroom (Kirk, 2002). Both formal and informal accommodations for students with exceptionalities enable them to utilize their strengths in the learning process. Furthermore, accommodations allow equal opportunities for all students in a classroom environment. In my future teaching career, I will ensure that all accommodations, both informal and formal, are provided appropriately to each student that displays a need for them.
Response to Intervention
As aforementioned, the Response to Intervention (RtI) model employs three different levels of interventions to help meet the educational needs of struggling learners (Joseph, 2008; Kirk, Gallagher, & Coleman, p. 8). By using a high degree of fluidity among the different intervention levels, the rate of learning is accelerated among students (The National Center for Learning Disabilities, n.d.). Moreover, decisions about…

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