The And Foreign Policies During The 1940 ' S Essay example

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The 1940’s are an important time in American history, not only because the country participated in WWII, but because of all the changes that came around because of the war. New organizations were formed, laws were passed, the country got a new president, and the United States almost engaged in war with the Soviet Union. The changes that occurred in this decade were the start of a new era. The domestic and foreign policies of the United States in the 1940’s helped to shape the world into what it is today, by forming organizations like the United Nations, engaging in the Cold War, and changing the home life of Americans with new laws.
World War II, which ended in 1945, was not only a huge political event itself, but also the catalyst for a great number of changes in the United States political system. The president during most of WWII was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was inaugurated in 1933, and continued to lead the country for an unprecedented four terms (Grapes). He collaborated with Winston Churchill (“Winston Churchill”), who became the Prime Minister of Britain in 1940, and Joseph Stalin, the premier of the Soviet Union at the time and Lenin’s successor (“Joseph Stalin”). However Harry. S. Truman saw the war to completion, as he took over for Roosevelt when he died in 1945. While the Big Three worked together during the war, their partnership fell apart not much later. FDR only decided to enter the war because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. The…

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