Essay on The And Fight Over Abortion

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Over the years and across the world we have fought each other and our foreign counterparts on everything under the sun, and today our nation finds itself in another such situation, that if left untreated will eat us away until there no America left and everything we once stood for is left in ash for none to see. The terror and fight over Abortion has plagued our country for centuries now and has torn apart not only our country, but our families and friends as well. We have fought, killed, and slaughtered to prevent or allow women from choosing what to do with their very bodies. Everyone from politician to the good neighbor next door has given input and still our country is faced with the greatest dilemma since the dropping of the atom bomb. The dilemma we face as a nation is a mountain we must overcome, and we can only do this as a united nation who will fight together. We know of the parasite in our country, that is eating away at our very soul, and it is instrumental that we dispose of this terror before it’s too late for our vulnerable country. First and foremost, in order to stop the problem we must first understand it and it’s power over our citizen’s minds. We must dissect the issue to its very core, laying its organs out on the table for all to see the disease that lays inside of it. Then and only then, can we begin to search our minds for a solution to the sickness that plagues our country. Our civil war over this subject matter has brought women to their knees in…

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