Essay on The And Fight Over Abortion

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Over the years we have fought each other on everything under the sun, and today our nation finds itself in another such situation, that if left untreated, will eat us away until there’s nothing left, except for the ash of what once was great. The terror and fight over abortion has plagued our country for centuries now and has torn apart not only our country, but our families and friends as well. We have fought, killed, and slaughtered to prevent or allow women from choosing what to do with their very own bodies. Everyone from politicians to the neighbor next door has given input and still our country is faced with the greatest dilemma since the dropping of the atom bomb. We have allowed this issue to progress too far, when it truly should have never begun in the first place. Our dear ancestors never allowed legalized abortion to see the light of day, they left this complex issue to the dark alleys of the city, where women could undergo DIY abortions. So how, when we supposedly value them so deeply, can we betray our roots and history? Not only is abortion violating our country’s past and allowing for actions to occur without an acceptance of responsibility, it is plaguing our nation violently and taking thousands of lives. More than 47,000 women die each year due to abortion, and our government brings a new women to slaughter every day they allow this abomination to continue. Not only that, multiple scientific studies prove that life begins at the moment of conception, and…

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