Essay about The And Effective Death Penalty

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It’s the 21st century, wouldn’t you think that by now we would fix mistakes that we’ve made in the past or even consider changing a couple policy’s here and there. Times have changed, the world is moving fast, yet we still live in the past by our laws. Now I 'm not saying that the laws are wrong, however with such act’s as the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty we should consider reviewing them over and seeing if it is just in the century we currently live in. These policy’s made more than a decade ago have harshly been affecting non-citizens of the United States of America.
Cambodian refugees are being sentenced back to their home country with no chance to appeal or fight for their right to stay, well technically they where never given the full rights of a citizen either. The United States of America allowed the Cambodian refugees to settle in America, however there where some hidden restrictions that weren 't disclosed to the Cambodian refugees. The Cambodians weren 't considered legal citizens of the United State, meaning that they wouldn’t have all the rights that we citizens do. If they committed a crime, minor or major, they where put on a deportation list and sent back to Cambodia. Not many of the refugees where warned and once they where placed on the deportation list it was to late.Well technically once they committed the crime they ruined their chances of becoming a citizen and staying in the United States of America for the entirety of their life. Now it…

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