The And Dangerous World Of The Princes And Princesses Of Disney

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Once upon a time a beautiful white comatose princess presumed dead lay in the woods in a clear coffin surrounded by her faithful friends she had all but mesmerized by her beauty and her kindness. One day came a handsome stranger, a prince in fact, she had met only once in life. He had sung one song with the princess, and had been mesmerized by her ever since. Even though she was as white as snow, he kissed her lips and happily ever after. I would not have described this princess this way when I was younger. Before, I was dazzled by the colors and joy these characters found in life, even though it was not reality. But, what child has not wanted to be a part of the magical and dangerous world of the princes and princesses of Disney? There are few who have not dreamed of such things. Now that we are not children anymore; we must examine ourselves to know if we were influenced by Disney in a good or bad way and if we want our children to continue to watch Disney films. But, to do so we have to take a closer look at Disney’s history and what was happening in the years these movies were made to better understand their purpose. I plan to not just make the assumptions but show examples that these injustices were happening and what was likely the cause of such racial and sectarian prejudice.
The entertainment business relies on an audience, like any business relies on customers to keep coming back for more. The audience Walt Disney and his brother Roy had an audience, but only one in…

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