The And Beauty Of The External World Sinks Essay

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Hoffman compares the Poet’s education to Locke’s theory of knowledge. He affords special attention to Shelley’s statement (2003: 92) in the Preface, ‘The magnificence and beauty of the external world sinks profoundly into the frame of his conceptions’. Hoffman (1933: 12) compares Shelley’s work to Locke’s theory by arguing that Shelley’s words are ‘a hauntingly suggestive epitome of the account, in the Essay Concerning Human Understanding, of how sensations become the origin of both simple and complex ideas, “sink”, as it were, into the mind’. Sensational becomes the fourth step when identifying the role of the poet. A poet must use all five senses when understanding the world which revolves around them. They must write for all five of the readers’ senses to fully transport them to another world. Returning to Locke, the mind begins as a tabula rasa, which is extremely effective for those destined to become poets. However, they are not imprinted with knowledge that will hinder their visionary qualities; they are permitted to encounter the world. Shelley espouses (2003: 92) that Alastor ‘represents a youth of uncorrupted feelings and adventurous genius led forth by an imagination inflamed and purified through familiarity with all that is excellent and majestic’. Providing evidence that the poet is an unquestionably sensational being, this information is pertinent when defining the poet.

Hitherto, the role of the poet has been clearly shown in Alastor, which generates this…

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