The And Aristotle 's Philosophy Essay

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In Western culture, ancient philosophical studies have been rooted in Hellenism tradition what Plato and Aristotle contributed to. Their contribution has valued since it provided theoretical foundation of inductive and deductive reasoning that is essential to gain knowledge. During the middle age, a role of traditional philosophy was limited to theological discourse mostly, biblical studies.
After middle age, the role of philosophy has reexamined by an influential French philosopher Descartes through the meditation; “that implies for Descartes a corresponding reformation of all the sciences, because in his opinion they are only non-self-sufficient members of the one all-inclusive science, and this is philosophy” (Husserl, 1982, p.1). In this sense, the aim of the meditations is a reforming process of traditional philosophy into a modern science which leads to Enlightenment based on a new worldview grounded on absolute objectivity. The worldview is the broadest context in the universe of knowledge.
There is a broad spectrum of scientists like Husserl, Otlet, Khun, and Popper following the worldview from Cartesian tradition. They are perhaps descendants in favor of universalism that rely on the proposition of a one-size-fits-all knowledge system. However, in a post-modern era, there is a skepticism on the universalism often called the consilience today. Otlet tried to describe the universalism by establishing the Mundaneum which serves as an institution…

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