The And All Quiet On The Western Front Essay

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War; a state of armed conflict between different nations or states. World War I, commonly known as “The Great War”, took the meaning of the word ‘war’ to a whole new level. The War destroyed a generation of men, physically and mentally, through it’s barbarity and failure to acknowledge the similarities between “enemies”. New technologies, nationalism, and militarism introduced an uprising of not only violence but a response in literature. Authors such as Keith Douglas and Erich Maria Remarque took part in this response by writing “Vergissmeinnicht” and All Quiet on the Western Front. As depicted by "Vergissmeinnicht" and All Quiet on the Western Front, the brutality of war disguises similarities between soldiers on opposing sides of the battlefield. Keith Douglas ' use of figurative language shows the brutality and dehumanization on the battlefield. In “Vergissmeinnicht”, Douglas writes of a soldier left on the battle field who was discovered by his “enemies”. To show brutality, Keith Douglas uses similes such as, “The stomach burst like a cave” (20). He chose this simile to describe the state of the soldier as seen by the narrator. Douglas’ similes help to illustrate scenes that would be otherwise unimaginable to common people, who didn 't experience the war first hand. Another form of figurative language, personification, is also used in “Vergissmeinnicht”. Personification is used when Douglas writes, “The frowning barrel of his gun” and “Mocked at by his own equipment”…

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