The And After The American Revolution Essay

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During and after the American Revolution, two vital issues were debated among American intellectuals and politicians. The first of these issues was how to balance individual liberty and social order; the second was whether or not to ratify the proposed United States Constitution. The belief of abolitionists was that all men deserved the same rights to freedom as one another while those benefiting from slavery believed that the two races, blacks and whites, could not live in harmony. On the other hand, the Antifederalists were fighting against the ratification of the Constitution on the grounds that it would weaken the power of states and create a consolidated government, and the opposing Federalists argued for its necessity to create a stronger, more unified, central government. A prominent issue in the fight for providing equal rights to all was race, more specifically, slavery. Prince Hall, a slave freed in 1770, put his efforts toward the emancipation of slaves. In 1777, Hall wrote a petition to the Massachusetts legislature calling for all slaves be freed on the premise that all men shared a “natural & unalienable right to that freedom, which the Great Parent of the Universe hath bestowed equally on all mankind”. Moreover, in the same petition Hall asserts that because America was fighting oppression from Great Britain, they should seriously consider his plea. However, many people still believed that equality between races was unachievable. Adverse to abolitionists, a…

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