The Ancient Egyptian Period And Ancient Egypt Essay example

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During the Ancient Egyptian period, surrounding areas well read from the extremely sophisticated Egyptians. The early Egyptians had a class structure. At the top of the class, a god in human form a pharaoh oversaw all (, 2014). At the bottom of the class, slaves and servants. The middle class consisted of farmers, artisans, merchants, scribes, soldiers, and government officials. This structure helped the pharaohs on daily life.
See the pharaohs could not carry on all the everyday jobs so he had others distribute work to the lowest person. For the duration of these times the pharaohs collected tax money which consisted of grains. The tax money; stored in the temple and used in case of a famine. The pharaohs had help to collect taxes by the help of chief ministers or viziers. These men had scribes whom could read and write, a very rare skill (, 2014). From then on you had priests, and soldiers. At the base, slaves and farmers made up the majority of the social class. To progress up and about, the ladder would be extraordinary. Some families would save money and send their sons to learn a trade in which could generate them a higher level of class structure. A small number of peasants and farmers moved up the economic ladder. Families saved money to send their sons to village schools to learn trades. These schools educated by priests or by artisans gave men an opportunity to move up in the social ladder. Boys who learned to read and write could…

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