The Anatomy Of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy 's Assassination

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The anatomy of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination has fuelled an increasing diversity of historical views, each theorizing different groups or individuals as conspirators in the plot to murder Kennedy, in accordance with their viable motives. Disputing what was deduced by the Warren Commission asserting that Harvey Lee Oswald, ex-U.S. and defector to the Soviet Union, as the lone assassin, prominent theories that have been devised include those which purport the C.I.A, the K.G.B or L.B.J as the perpetrators. The first viewpoint implicates the U.S Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) as culpable for Kennedy’s murder, with their motives aligned against Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs “fiasco” in 1961. The Soviet Union Security Agency, the K.G.B hypothesis, propounds assassination as a means of retaliation after the humiliation of the USSR in the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The final, less elaborate theory proposes that Lyndon Baines Johnson, Kennedy’s long-standing political rival, was the orchestrator of the scheme to murder the President, most notably supported by Roger Stone, who was the first JFK assassination author to have served in the White House and among the few who were personally acquainted with a few of J.F.K’s successors.

This essay aims to, through the evaluation of primary and secondary sources, discuss the validity and relevance of the differing perspectives surrounding the historiographical debate concerning the assassination of…

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