The Anatomy Of Large - Scale Hypertextual Essay

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Research Brief of The Anatomy of Large - Scale Hypertextual
Kevin Barrera

Kevin Barrera
Mr. Casas
AP Computer Science Principles Period 5
1 December 2015

Search Engine
There are two different systems that uses link format of the internet to solve the ranking of all the pages . Then it uses the link format to make the finding on the web better and specific. The searching should use the anchor test and PageRank. it should have the location , and following the detail set of printed letters of the same style finally , and the words in bold and other styles. Finally the engine need to have a raw HTML of pages in the storage.

The Search Engines have changed over time in a big way ever since its first persons that came before in 1994, The World Wide Web Worm (McBryan 94) and had an index of 110,000 pages. This was one of the first search engines of its kind. In 1997, there was a huge plus of index pages ranging from 2 million pages (Web Crawler) to 100 million ( Search Engine Watch). The article possible future event by 2000 there will be search engines with 1 billion indexed pages. The search engines have the problem of scaling to the web, the problems where there is a need for improved search quality, more thing that relate to school search engine results instead of commercial results.

Discuss-Essential Question 1
Why was it necessary to create the search engine google? Search engines have always been needed ever since information was…

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