The Anatomy Of Human Body Anatomy Essay

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As it was mentioned above, with the development of technology and deep studying of science, an artist is able to create a realistic piece of art. Being able to understand and master the anatomy of human body, an artist will have a great knowledge of how the muscles on human body works and how they are overlapping each others in order to put them into his arts. Therefore, it is very important for every artists to study and to master human body anatomy because it is one of the principal skills. In art, it is so much easier to create something unreal such as ghosts and monsters but it is very hard to draw an apple correctly. It may sounds strange but ,in fact, it is true. No matter how much effort that scientists are putting into theirs studying of ghosts and paranormal actives, there is still no prove provided proving ghosts are real or there is no standard of the look of ghosts or monsters. Based on the rumors that go around, we all know how a ghost should look like such as it will have a human body, usually in white or transparent with angry face and long black hair, and it could fly as well as it might have some sort of super power. All of those ideas about ghost are either right or wrong so an artist, indeed, is freely create his own version of ghost or monster and it is also up to viewers to accept it or not based on their own imagination. But it is very hard to draw an apple correctly because everyone knows how an apple looks like. In order to create a realistic apple,…

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